Residential acquisition and disposal

We provide advice and support on both your investment decisions and disposal in London and Surrey.

As part of this process we would recommend our pre-sale Condition Report, to identify defects that the Mortgage Valuer/Surveyor will be looking for, which might otherwise jeopardise the sale or result in renegotiation of the sale price.

We hope to iron out the process so that there will be no hidden surprises later on down the line.

We are also actively looking for Investment opportunities both for ourselves and our investment clients. There may be a whole host of reasons as to why you wish to dispose of your assets quickly such as relocation, emigration, inheritance and other financial related matters.

We offer a fast and efficient service to our clients wishing to dispose of their assets quickly and can provide an offer in principal within days.  There are no agents’ fees and we will pay your legal fees for fast disposal.

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